E. S.

I want to know others, and so I am studying psychology, but I also want others to know me, and so I am creating a blog.

When I was a child, I thought that to know myself would satisfy this desire. I thought that my own heart and mind could entertain me for all of eternity – creating love, creating joy, creating consolation in times of sorrow.

I was a child until very recently. Now, with whatever modicum of intuition I have gained by being thrust into the social world, I have come to realize that it is good to be known in worlds that are not purely of my own creation.

The perspectives I voice will not always be mine, for I simply cannot disengage myself from the worship of the cacophonous multitude of voices outside of myself, but that in itself might make someone curious. At any rate, I hope you understand that, though my choice of words is a bit pretentious, my goal is quite simple, and with that I have no qualm.